Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thankful Thurday - May 17

I was sitting outside with N1 this morning while the babies were both sleeping and did some of the first journaling I've done in months. As I wrote, what came across my page was amazement at where my life is today. Truly, I say to you, I had no idea that this is where God had me headed. As a teen, I would have been the first to tell you that I didn't think I would get married. Not because I didn't want to, but because I was too (insert undesireable characteristic here) for anyone to want to marry me. And, while I dreamed of my very own babies, I figured I was set for a life as a perpetual babysitter. Very fun and fulfilling being the favorite babysitter with one minor drawback - you have to give the babies back. :-)

However, God has surprised me in ways that I can hardly believe and that take my breath away when I think about it. He has walked beside me through a season so rough and painful that "I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the LORD." (Psalm 27:13) Amazing how when you are at the bottom lowest spiritually, emotionally, and even financially, you start to learn how to depend even more on God! :-) I'm so thankful for that lesson even though I have fears about ever having to relearn it.

All that said, I am so thankful this morning for the gifts of my family in my life:
  • My husband, who provides for us so faithfully, disciplines and loves his daughters amazingly, and takes care of me so wonderfully. (And let me sleep until 8:30 this morning!) :-)
  • My N1 ... all she wants is my attention and I am amazed at my selfishness in giving it to her. She is bubbly, inventive, and oh so BUSY!! I'm so thankful for her, and how much she loves her little sisters.
  • My N2 ... my cuddle-bug and our hugger and kiss extrordinaire. She has the best belly laughs.
  • My E ... our newest girl, with dark, dark hair, eyes like mine, and a button nose; with a love of being wrapped up tight and held close. We had a rocky start together, but she is finding her niche here in our family and is going to be so adored and spoiled by her sisters and Mama and Daddy. We can hardly stand how yummy she is.

So, so thankful.

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  1. Kids are such fun and such huge blessings that God pours out on us. I love the N2 that has the best belly laughs!
    Blessings on the rest of your week.

  2. You certainly do have 3 beautiful blessings in those little girls. :-)

  3. Amen, sister. We have SOOO much to be thankful for.

    I can relate to your selfishness in giving attn to N1. I feel guilty about that sometimes, too.

  4. You truly have alot to be thankful for.

  5. God's plans for us are so far beyond what we, in our limited understanding, can ever imagine. May He continue to bless you and your darling family!

    Little E is the *exact* replica of you - her face and coloring are yours.

  6. Amen! We do have so much to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing your list.

  7. I have to agree with you that our Lord is amazing where He leads us. I sometimes sit down and wonder what else He has in store for my life.

    It is such a blessing to read about your precious family.

    Thank you for sharing your grateful heart with us this week.

    Blessings on your weekend and always.


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