Bringing Home Baby

As pretty much anyone who reads this journal knows, we welcomed our third sweet daughter into our family a little over three weeks ago. She was a c-section delivery, and you know, you don't just jump up running from those. :-) We got out of the hospital on a Tuesday, I had Travis home with me for Wednesday and Thursday, my Mom for Friday, and then a weekend at home for our family ... but then I was on my own the following Monday, when E was just 9 days old. If I had a dollar for everytime someone expressed shock that I was already at home with the three girls by myself ... well, let's just say I wouldn't have to worry about finances for a while.

I don't say this to boast (I hope I don't come across that way!), but to offer encouragement. :-) I knew that I didn't have much time with (adult) help at the house so I had a little game plan that I used for that week and for when I was on my own. I share this with those that are pregnant and looking forward to that time of transitioning in a new family member - one who has trouble figuring out whether he or she is crying because he's tired or hungry, and likes to be held a lot! :-)

1. While you have help, get SLEEP. That's what your help is there for! :-) I tend to forget, especially when someone like my Mom is over, that I don't need to entertain her or talk to keep her company. I have three little girls there for just that purpose. :-) I need to remember to take advantage of the help and if I need to catch a nap between feedings, then do it. Most Grandmas are more than happy to hold the new baby and play with the other kids while you doze for a few minutes. They know you are the one that will be up at night with the baby while they are hopefully getting a full night's sleep.

2. Have a plan for breakfast. Don't worry about dinner, your husband will be home to help you with that, and lunch is usually something that can easily be put together. But breakfast was my downfall. After being up for two or three feedings, I wake up in a fog and the last thing on my mind is what to feed the starving 15 month old that is frantically pulling on her highchair saying "Eat, eat, eat!!!" So, think ahead. What is easy and or can be made quickly for breakfast and you don't have to think long and hard about it? We do lots of toast right now (cinnamon toast to be exact), granola bars, pancakes and french toast. I also usually throw out some fruit - whether it's fresh or applesauce from a jar.

3. Get sunshine. While there are all sorts of medical reasons why sunshine is good for you (vitamin D and all), it just makes me happy. :-) My husband is great about loading all the kids up in our van and taking us all for a long Saturday afternoon drive about a week after I've been trapped, stuck housebound with the kids. Sunshine revitalizes me like nothing else, and if there's a cold Diet Coke in the drink holder it's just that much better. :-) Plus, it gives me a chance for a little adult conversation with Travis while (usually) all three snooze in their carseats. I try and get outside in our backyard a couple days a week, too. Sunshine works!

4. Do the next thing. There are very few things that HAVE to be done those first few weeks at home. Laundry can wait until your husband is home, or the kids are in bed (really, it can!) but you have to feed your kids lunch and you have to change a diaper now and then. Focus on the essentials, and don't worry about the stuff that isn't high priority. That helped me so much as I was looking at projects I wanted to get done, things I wanted/needed to clean, and just had no energy or was just too sore to tackle. It can wait and will still be there after you've had two or three weeks to heal and rest.

I could post so many more thoughts on this, but I'm going to stop. :-) These are tips that Work for Me and I hope they help and encourage you!

For more WFMW ideas, visit Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer!!


  1. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Having been in your EXACT ahoes not so long ago-i can say that this is a GREAT artical! GREAT!
    the only thing i would add is the BEST thing you can do for those little ones, old and new, is sit and just BE a family. Like you said, the laundry will wait, the floors will be there. It's ok to just be together reading, talking, admiring the baby for the entire afternoon even.

  2. Anonymous8:39 AM

    ahoes--yes, ahoes


  3. Popping in here a little late to just say Congratulations to you!!

    And I think that those are all great tips for a new mom.

  4. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Steph, I must confess (SADLY!) that I have not been a good blogger lately and I missed your announcement too!

    Just wanted to say Congratulations! Your little E is beautiful - as is your entire family! And you do an awesome job of coordinating pacifiers! :)

  5. Steph, I saw a link on Lauren's page to you. I love your tips and could not agree more....since my little angel is only 2 weeks old. It helped to be reminded of these things. I hope you don;t mind if I stop by and check out your blog from time to time?

  6. Thank you for the ideas! I could use them even now with 6 children--I'm having a very hard time... It was HORRIBLE after my c section. I don't know how you've done it. I had my 15 yo and 13 yo running everything and I was in SO much PAIN. I had pain at the incision until I was about 4 months out from it. Kudos to you for being so patient and persevering!

  7. Anonymous11:35 PM

    CONGRATULATIONS shes beautiful
    do take it easy I have had all mybabies by csection and you have to give your time to get over it

  8. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Stephanie, You do amaze me as well. God's grace is truly suffient for you!!! Thanks for your blog, it reminds me that there is beauty is the everyday!

  9. Fantastic tips! I have already started to think "How will I possibly manage with a 3yr old and a newborn?!" but you are obviously a pro! Thanks again for the tips! I will definitely try to remember this come January!


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