Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Felicities ::: November 21

Things that make me happy…
• A cold house in the morning (makes my coffee that much yummier). :)
• Inter-library loan. (I fuss about my small library, but they came through for me on the Christmas books. We will have all sorts of holiday goodness to pick up on Monday!)
• Chapstick and handlotion. Especially for this time of year when everything is so dry. (My favorite chapstick … the classic mint with spf 15. You can get a free sample here if you pay the shipping.)
• Sweet potatoes. Warm and yummy.
• And soup. Thinking about a big batch of potato soup today as I have a plethora of milk!
• This picture:
• Putting together a box of holiday goodies. For one of you. As a thank you (and to tempt you into delurking.) Come back Monday for details! :)

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  1. i LOVE sweet potatoes!

  2. Amanda3:52 PM

    Hi Stephanie,

    I hope that you will do a post detailing your Christmas kid book choices! I really enjoyed your Thanksgiving list and found some titles that were new to us.


  3. I will, Amanda! I enjoyed doing that at Thanksgiving and I know it will be a big help in a few years when the next one is ready for those books and I can't remember which ones we liked. :)

  4. I'm also curious what Christmas books you've picked. I always like your children's book recommendations and am planning to order our Christmas books this week. With so many kids in the house now owning quality books for holidays makes more sense than hunting them down each year at the library, not to mention trying to remember what I liked from the year before (which is why I set up a separate home school blog). Though I can't complain about our library. All the libraries in RI are connected in one giant on-line catalog and you can request books from other libraries to be delivered to the one of your choice for pick-up. It's a pretty fantastic system.


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