Wednesday, November 12, 2008

On this Wednesday

~ I am tired.
~ I don't have much to say.
~ The girls have been keeping. me. busy. lately.
~ While I truly would not want to be anywhere but home with them, days get long sometimes.
~ But I love Thursdays.
~ It looks like it will be rainy.
~ We don't have to go anywhere.
~ It's our tea-party day.
~ I'm going to make puppy chow for them.
~ How can you go wrong with that? :)

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  1. betsy looks like a baby conehead in her picture. i mean that in the most adorable loving way possible. i love her little ears and nose! and every time you post pictures i am always blown away by how pretty noelle is getting! she was a cute baby, but now she is getting to be a pretty little girl!

    i miss homemade puppy chow! how delicious!


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