Saturday, November 01, 2008

In the Mood to Craft...

I'm itching to get my scrapbooking stuff out. I have slacked off on it recently, but something about this time of year (Fall, holidays, Christmas, expressing my thankfulness for the life I live, etc.) is driving the urge to create and document.

However, this morning I must grocery shop. :) (I am assuming that I will eventually be able to scrapbook if my family is fed and happy so it's a win-win situation!) That said, I leave you with a few fun Saturday links to when your paper crafty appetite:
Okay, I've got enough little projects to keep me busy for a bit. Happy Saturday!



  1. This time of year is when I feel most creative, too! I think it's the crisp, cool air giving me energy and an "I can do anything" feeling. =)

  2. Thsoe grocery lists are really cute. So many ideas, not enough time!


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