Backup Baa's!

Noelle's favorite toy to sleep with is her lamb "Baa." Since she was about 2 months old, she has wanted to have Baa to go to sleep for naps and at night. She has her routine of how she lays on top of him and chews on his little ears and tail. The few times that we have tried to put her to bed with him have not been good. She fusses and fusses and fusses . . . you get the picture. The other day I had to pull him out of the dryer about 1/2 dry so that she would go to sleep after I let her fuss for about 30 minutes and try to go down without him.

Anyway, ever since we noticed this attachment, my whole family and some friends have been on the lookout for a backup Baa. We've checked department stores, gift shops, the internet and haven't found them. Then, today, when Travis and I randomly walk into a Hallmark store we spot three of these little lambs! We immediately buy two! I can already see the scrapbook page that I want to create about Noelle's attachment to Baa, so I took a picture today to save the memory. Our old Baa is the dingy looking one in the middle. :-)

The world lost a great leader today: Ronald Reagan.


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