I'm Home

Sunday morning, 8:42 a.m., getting ready for church at a leisurely pace. I'm not on the worship team this Sunday and so I don't have to get there until around 9:30 as opposed to the 8 o'clock hour that Travis left at.

I'm tired. This trip was busy, fast, emotional, draining, noisy, and all sorts of other adjectives. Yesterday was 12 hours in the car home. Noelle did fabulous in her car seat considering she only got out for a couple diaper changes and when we stopped for breakfast. She was sure glad to see her Daddy last night. I'll post a few pictures from the trip later today.

Only other small thing to mention . . . N. took 1 step last night. It was pretty shaky, but it was still a step. :-) I'm so glad she waited to do it last night where Travis saw it instead of on the trip....


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