Boy or Girl?

Noelle and her buddy Sam Posted by Hello

We find out this afternoon if my sister is having a boy or girl! I can't wait. Her appointment is at 3:15 p.m. and my neice (age 6 1/2) is to call me with the news afterwards. This baby (whom the family affectionately calls BG for now) is going to be almost exactly one year younger than our Noelle. How fun that she will have a cousin close in age and location to grow up with. My neice will be almost 7 when her new little brother or sister arrives, too, and she is so excited. Here is her take on what they will find out at the ultrasound today:

Me: So, what do you think that Mommy is going to have?
Jordan: I already know.
Me: You do? Is it a boy or a girl?
Jordan: It's triplets.

I think my sister is praying that Jordan is wrong. :-) I will update with the news later this evening.

I am working like crazy today on church stuff. We just finished putting together our church's first photo directory and I'm deep into printing and binding and hoping to get it done before Sunday. It's very cool, if I do say so myself... I'm already on my 3rd Diet Coke.

Travis and I had a great time at the movie last night - it was weird doing something just us. Harry Potter was great - a much different take on the movie than the first two. It did seem like they cut a lot from the books, but I don't know how they could have fit any more into the movie without it running another hour or so! Noelle did fabulous with the grandparents . . . we arrived back at my folks to find her completely sacked out on her Grandpa's lap. She barely woke as we transferred her from Grandpa to carseat and from carseat to bed once we got home. And, she slept until 7:30 this morning! Unheard of!!


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