Tuesday's To Do's...

Monday was nice. Noelle and I spent the whole day at home not doing much of anything besides a lot of laundry and a little cleaning around the house. It was nice not to be in the car at all, especially after it seems I spent all last week in one. Noelle has been VERY clingy - she was held so much last week since we were in restaurants or at my Grandad's nursing home that she is having a hard time adjusting back to playing some on her own.

One fun thing we learned out of this trip - she loves toast. We were at a restaurant one night and handed her a piece of the garlic toast that came with my sister's spaghetti. She went after it like it was the greatest thing ever! Then, Sunday night, I made us a breakfast dinner - eggs, bacon, biscuits - and I gave Noelle a tiny piece of biscuit with butter and strawberry jam. A huge success! I made her a little piece of toast last night to chew on while Travis and I had dinner and she loved it. On our trip, she also discovered watermelon. She's definitely a girl that loves her fruit.

Noelle loves toast! Posted by Hello


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