Busy, Busy Weekend!

Those of you that didn't think I was Lamentations, thanks. I did take the quiz again and it came up as Psalms the 2nd time - I liked that answer much better. But, I was always told in testing in high school/college that your first gut-reaction answer to questions was usually the correct one so I feel I have to stick with Lamentations. Oh, well...

Last night was the 1st study in the book of Ruth. Very good. We spent a lot of time discussing the hopelessness of the situation which Naomi and Ruth found themselves after their respective husbands/sons passed away. Because they had no men in their family, there was no one that could hold onto property or inheritance while they were in the land of Moab. Whatever material possessions they had there were lost completely. And, as a Jew, Naomi would have had limited privileges/rights in Moab. Naomi feels that she is being punished by God (cp.1, v.20-21), but she does what she needs to get right with God - heads back to Israel. And the journey to Israel was no stroll. About 50 miles, dangerous territory, bandits & robbers (see Judges 5:6) and she was going to do this ALONE. Ruth gave up everything to go with Naomi. She was willing to give up everything comfortable about living in her homeland and the likelihood of ever remarrying (she was lowest of the low in Israel) to be with Naomi. This impacted me - the testimony that Naomi must have had on Ruth, her young daughter-in-law, who is watching her mother-in-law grieve the loss of both her husband and sons, but still pursuing the Almighty. Someone at the study commented that the way we might minister to another in our suffering may show more of our testimony & walk with the Lord than when we are in a time of blessing. Much for this "Lamentations" to think about. :-) I need to start pondering upon chapter 2 . . . unfortunately I will miss that study night because of Travis' family reunion (I think). And MissBev is leading!

In other news:
~ Tomorrow is Travis' birthday - yeah!
~ Tonight, surprise birthday party for him at Las Palmas (the BEST Mexican restaurant in Nashville!)
~ Not so much of a surprise, because I accidently sent him the email inviting everyone!!! (He knows there's something going on tonight, but doesn't know where).
~ I have been banned from participation/set-up of surprise parties indefinitely.
~ Tomorrow we have a staff meeting at church and the annual church summer picnic. Woo-hoo!
~ I have to go pick up Travis' birthday cake and the paper supplies for the cookout.
~ Noelle walked all the way across our big room pushing her little toy car that Daddy got her. She's amazing! Burst of love!!!


  1. Sounds like your Ruth class was really meaningful.. Bummer that you will miss the next one! I'm going to take the Bible book quiz, and post the results on my blog. Wonder what I'll be...


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