To Do's

List of today's to do's:

Scold dogs for chewing on things.
Buy bones for dogs.
Laundry, laundry, laundry.
Play with Noelle. :-)
Shaving creme for Travis.
Return books to the library - do NOT check out any more fiction (remember New Year's resolution to read more non-fiction.)
Birthday present for Travis - go buy *******.
Pick up music for Sunday's service from Laura.
Office Depot - notebook for church finances.
Start on my Ruth study for Bible study next Thursday...

There might be something else, too....


  1. So.....How's your Ruth study going? What lessons are you looking to draw from it? I love that story, it is one of my favorites. Considering the time when Ruth lived, it's just wonderful that when everything is in moral decay around them (or us) that God is still going to work powerfully in the lives of faithful believers.


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