At the end...

My last picture post of the week. If there is something that you still want to see after today, I'll still take requests - 3 photos of whatever you would like to see from my life. Today's request: Mrs. Darling asked to see photos of my kitchen, Noelle's room and my devotional chair. Without further ado...

This is Noelle's room . . . the walls are white with a hint of pink to them. We decided to go with white because most likely, Noelle will be sharing this room with a future sibling and if it's a boy, we didn't want him to be stuck with pink walls. :-) The bedding, rug and window ruffles are from Target. The dresser and the bookshelf/desk were Travis' when he was a boy.

I posted pictures of my kitchen earlier this week, so I'm not going to repost those. But, here's a picture of my devotional chair.

My parents bought me this chair several years ago and I love it. It's a chair and a half, which means Travis and I can sit in it together comfortably and it has great big arms to spread books out on if you want to do some studying. This is my favorite chair to sit in for devotions because it's so cozy.

On another totally unrelated note, sometimes I am amazed. Last night, I was on the Women at Home site, and decided to check out someone's webpage. Much to my amazement, this person, who was a new face to me online, had my webpage in her blog list of reads. It is humbling to me that folks are interested in the little details of my life that I put here. Thank you for allowing me to share with you. It's an honor.


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