Friday, October 15, 2004

For Friday

The Silence says . . .

Noelle is in bed for the night. Veggie Tale land is closed for the evening and the puppies are snoozing nearby. Travis has a book in hand or maybe on the computer. I sit in my big chair with something cold, caffinated, and suspiciously like Diet Coke. I have my study on 1 Samuel at hand, but I just sit for a minute and reflect on the day. Was I a good Mom today? Did I miss any teachable moments? Did I spend enough time being silly? How did I show love to Travis? The house is quiet . . . it's a good thing.

From Swonderings at Women at Home.


  1. "something cold, caffinated, and suspiciously like Diet Coke"

    was it generic?? cause its just not the same, you know.


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