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I'm feeling sluggish this morning. Could be that Travis is out of town. Could be that I felt like staying in my pj's (but went ahead and got dressed). Could be that Noelle and I both have runny noses. But now she's down for a nap, I've had a cup of coffee and I'm ready to post some pictures from the photo requests I received. I'm probably just going to do one person's photos per day to limit myself on how long I play with the computer this week. (I've found that with Travis travelling, I start staying up late trying to redesign my blog and move stuff around so I avoid going to bed by myself - need to get sleep this week!) :-)

Crystal asked to see a wedding photo, a picture of me pregnant (very cruel!), and my Bible. Here goes...

This is my bridal portrait that my Dad took *coughDasya'sPhotographycough*

A picture of the both of us.

This is the pregnant shot - ugh! :-) This was taken the night before Noelle was born, 2 days shy of 40 weeks. Noelle was a 9 lb., 11 oz. baby and all out front.

My Bible - it's a NASB Keyword Study Bible that Travis bought me for Christmas this past year - I'm still breaking it in. It has all sorts of reference material at the back for doing word studies and I am loving it. Before this, I had a Ryrie Study Bible that I used - still pull it out when I want to read the notes in it.

Well, there you have it - today's pictures. :-) Tune in tomorrow...

From Sunday Brunch:

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."
-Walt Disney

1) What is your favorite Disney movie and why?
My favorite is probably Mary Poppins. I loved the music in the movie and the character of Mary Poppins.

2) Who is your favorite Disney character and why?
I don't know that I can pick one favorite, but at the top of the list would be Pooh & Company. He's just so sweet. :-)

3) What is your favorite Disney song and why?
The lullaby from Mary Poppins:

Stay awake
Don´t rest your head
Don´t lie down upon your bed
While the moon drifts in the skies
Stay awake don´t close your eyes
Though the world is fast asleep
Though your pillow´s soft and deep
You´re not sleepy
As you seem
Stay awake
Don´t nod and dream
Stay awake
Don´t nod and dream

4) Disneyland or Disneyworld? Why?
I would be excited if I got to go to either one, but probably Disneyworld because of location (closeness), and it has the animal kingdom which would be sooooo cool.

5) Do you have any decorations or articles of clothing in your home that are Disney and what are they?
Well . . . I have quite a few Disney coffee mugs (probably 20 or so) and Disney glasses that we use. They work great when you have a bunch of folks over because everyone can remember which glass is theirs based on the character or movie. :-) I also have a Mickey Mouse telephone that my sister bought me probably 10 years ago - it sits by my office desk. I know there are other things - several Disney Christmas ornaments, stuffed animals, and, of course, videos. I used to be very into collecting Disney stuff when I was in college and after . . . until I didn't have money. :-)


  1. Anonymous6:25 AM

    ok first of all--i think i wrote the top paragraph. I am planning on doing one persons requests a day and I stay up late and do stupid PC tricks when craig is gone. Sorry, please get your own life.
    wedding pics--GORGEOUS
    pregnant pic- ROTFLMBO! sorry--i just did. Could you LOOK a little more uncomfortable!?!?! I think not.


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