Review of List

~ layout and print bulletin, sermon outline, prayer sheet DONE!
~ pull music for Sunday worship service
~ pull overheads
~ go by church and check carpet where water leaked in, ugh. DONE! It sure stinks in there...
~ Kroger - need milk, eggs and snacks for Noelle DONE!
~ return videos to library TODAY! DONE!
~ drop some pics of my new nephew off at Costco so they will be ready for the trip DONE!
~ run by bank DONE!
~ call D. re: special music we're singing on Oct. 31 DONE! Left message...
~ give dogs heartworm pills (didn't I just do this???)must do . . .
~ make packing list for me and Noelle and actually start packing barely started this . . .
~ get Travis' stuff together (no list needed for him!) :-)
~ pre-trip laundry doing today . . .
~ November music team schedule & calendar in process . . .
~ birthday present for Nat

New stuff:
~ run to Target for shampoo, shaving creme, etc...
~ make list of stuff for Travis for watching Noelle tomorrow while I go to church women's retreat (Note: I only get to go on Saturday, but one day is better than no days!)
~ Staples - a few supplies for church
~ type order of service, prep for announcements
~ babysit Dixie & JohnnyMac this afternoon from 3-6ish
~ etc., etc.

Must fly!

Note to Dana: It was an above-ground pool that we took out so there wasn't much in the way of filling in, thankfully. Just a nasty shallow hole and lots of mud!


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