On the Road . . .

The days are full going back and forth from home to the hospital to see the new baby . . . I'm feeling sleep deprived, behind and very blessed. Not necessarily in that order. You can see more pics of the new little guy here. (These are from my photo blog). This link here is from my Dad's photography website. His photos are better than mine (and some of mine are stolen from his!) :-)

Thanks to those of you who have posted requests for photos - woo-hoo! If you missed out on this exciting opportunity, I'm taking photo requests . . . tell me three things you would like to see pictures of from my life and I will post them. It can be anything - locations, things, people, etc. :-) You still have a chance to get your request in - I will probably start posting the photos next week. Travis is off on another work trip next week so I'll need something exciting to liven up my posts!

Response to Comments: Becky, I still subscribe to CK, but mainly for any articles and pages done by Becky Higgins - my all time favorite scrapbooker. :-) Sorry for the baby fever, Crystal - I have it too, now!


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