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List 10 things that you dream about ... material and immaterial.
1) Being back to my pre-pregnancy weight.
2) Going to Israel some day.
3) Having twins. :-)
4) Purses - lots of them, that hold lots of stuff.
5) A consistent quiet time and journalling time.
6) Unlimited gift card at Starbucks, my favorite bookstore & TJ Maxx.
7) Better at scripture memorization.
8) Writing a book someday...
9) Homeschooling my children.
10) A marriage that gets better as the years go on. *heart*

Off to Houston with Travis for the week . . . back to a regular blogging schedule in November! I will leave you a picture of Noelle from this week - she was dancing on our coffee table with her Larry the Cucumber. (After my heart stopped beating at the sight of her on the table, I took a picture!) :-)


  1. Hi, there! I was so glad to see that we are not the only ones who let our little ones stand up on tables. Mine, however, might not be dressed!

  2. Anonymous12:16 AM

    I love TJ Maxx and all the other stores like it... (Ross's, etc.). I am blessed that #10 happens to me everyday and I also would love to homeschool my kids! :) -Jess from http://eightpaw.net and W@H

  3. What a great list! Have a wonderful trip. You will be missed while you are away. I look forward to your return and updates. Blessings!


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