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A few scattered miscillaneous thoughts before I go work on my Bible study this morning during Noelle's nap...

Response to comments:

Claudia: You asked about scrapbooking ideas and getting started. My best tip is one that I'm stealing from someone else. :-) If you want to work on a scrapbook for your family, start with the photos you want to scrapbook first. If I'm in the mood to work on Noelle's scrapbook, that's what I work on. If I make myself work on our family album or something else, then I find I am easily distracted and get very little done. Work on what you are fired up to work on! There is also a magazine that I would recommend you checking out if you are just beginning scrapbooking called Simple Scrapbooks. It's a great magazine for just getting started - they really emphasize simplicity which I like on a scrapbook page. That way the focus really is the photos! This is the book that started the Simple Scrapbooks magazine . . . I have it and have used a lot of the ideas from it.

An idea taken from Mrs. Darling . . .
I'm taking photo requests . . . tell me three things you would like to see pictures of from my life and I will post them. It can be anything - locations, things, people, etc. Make me feel loved, folks! :-)

Please pray for my sister, Kathy. She is scheduled for a c-section tomorrow at 7:30 a.m. (CST). Of course, I will be posting information on my new nephew, but it may be later in the day after I get a pic of him at the hospital. My neice is staying with us this week while my sister has her baby and we are going to try and be at the hospital around lunch time. My sister doesn't want her daughter to see her until after she has become "un-groggy" from the anesthesia and such. Apparently Jordan was most freaked out when she saw "Auntie Nef" (me) so sleepy and tired after my c-section and was really upset at how groggy I was. We're trying to avoid a repeat of that!

Noelle has her 1 year check-up at the Dr. today. Good timing as she woke up yesterday with massive amount of green coming out her nose - ick! I'm about to buy stock in Kle*nex as much as I'm using. :-)


  1. Oh goodie. I was hoping someone else would do this. Lesse,... your kitchen, the babys room and your devotional chair! I liked that one. *wink*

  2. Lesse...I'd like to see a photo of your bookshelves or bookcase, and more pictures of your baby, and that is all I can think of. :-)

  3. Hey Steph! I like Simple Scrapbooks, too! I haven't done any scrapping in forever though. I finally quit my subscription to CK cause I was only admiring the layouts!!


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