Weekend in Review

What a busy and fabulous weekend! :-) Thank you all for the birthday wishes for the girl! Dana, that pic of Travis in the hospital bed with Noelle is one of my favorites! They had gotten me up to move around some, and I was so excited to be out of the bed after my c-section that I stayed in the rocking chair and Travis confiscated the bed. :-) Michelle, I'm so enjoying your blog - it's giving me a good idea about what is to come! :-)

We had Noelle's birthday party with family yesterday. It was just the family and very simple, and we had a great time. (I think Noelle did, too!) The birthday menu consisted of her favorite foods - chicken nuggets, macaroni & cheese, peas and fruit salad. My family had been protesting that birthday kids that can't talk shouldn't be allowed to pick their birthday meal. However, I did notice my Dad and brother-in-law heading back for 2nd's on the chicken nuggets and mac & cheese. :-) (You can click the birthday pictures for more party shots!)

My parents bought Noelle her "big girl" carseat (forward facing). After everyone left, Travis put it in the car and we loaded Noelle up for a quick ride to try it out. She wasn't sure what to think of it at first. Then, as we drove a little further, we heard her giggling at stuff out the window - I think if finally dawned on her that she could see outside now! She even dozed off in it by the time we got home - a sure sign that it was comfy. :-)

Memphis report: Our trip to Memphis was great. We spent the day at the zoo. I didn't realize until Travis and I were talking that he has only been to the Nashville Zoo and now the Memphis Zoo. (And, the Nashville Zoo is a work in progress - there's not much there). He was loving it! My favorite were the giraffes - there's something about how different they look, yet when they walk, they are so unbelieveably graceful. We spent a long time watching the giraffes in their pen. You can see some of the pictures that we took here. The pandas were also very cool! I think what made them so neat is that their pens were enclosed by thick glass - you could get right up to the glass to see them. They weren't pinned up like most bears at the zoo. (Where you are separated by a big fence and then a "moat" that the bears can't climb across, etc.) Noelle could put her face right up to the glass to get a good look at these bears.

Aside from the zoo, we had a great time on the drive over and back. Travis loves to take back roads so we went down some trails that I don't think many have been on! He found one gravel road on the map that ran right along side the Mississippi River - he was able to get out of the car and even skip some rocks into it. Travis had never been West of Nashville before so he saw several new sights - cotton (still in the field), kudzu, and the mighty Mississippi. Can you believe we never made it past Graceland!

Our one funny story from the trip. We stayed at a Ramada Inn in Memphis. When we checked in, we were told that they had a continental breakfast in the mornings so that seemed a perk to staying there for us. Well, when we went downstairs, their "continental breakfast" was the biggest assortment of granola/breakfast bars I've ever seen, some Little Debbie oatmeal pies, and that was it! We started giggling as we selected our assortment of breakfast bars - Noelle was loving it that she got to eat an oatmeal pie for breakfast. :-) They didn't even have coffee set out. As we got back in the elevator to go back up to our room, Travis commented that it wasn't exactly what he expected and we started laughing all over again.


  1. Anonymous12:17 PM

    LOVE the pics--and her expression at Bob and Larry--priceless!

    and the nashivlle zoo--an ETERNAL work in progress. I moved 10 years ago and it was in progress then (it was also Grassmere then!)

    So can i be nosy and ask where you church in nashville??


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