Our One Year Old...

We had a family photo day on Saturday and this is one of her 1-year pictures that will go in the baby book. She's standing on a bridge waving at her Daddy. :-)

Beth has put in a "3 things" photo request for and I will try and put those up tomorrow. Have been busy chasing our dogs that have figured out how to get out of our backyard. Thankfully they go to one of two different yards each time they get out, but still frustrating . . . Will be working on some fencing issues probably this evening.

In other big news - I get to go with Travis on a business trip next week! He's going back to Houston for the week, and I get go . . . as in we have a plane ticket bought already. I wasn't planning on travelling with him for budgetary reasons, but while he was in New Hampshire last week, his manager contacted him to let him know that he got a bonus check at work. When he got it this morning, it was just what we needed to pay for a plane ticket for me to join him in Houston. I'm thrilled about this little break! My two closest college friends live in Houston and I will get some time with them hopefully, and their two new babies. God is good to provide us this time of refreshment. :-)


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