Monday, January 09, 2006

De-Lurk Yourself

As declared by Sheryl, this week is De-Lurking Week!

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Show yourself! I would really like to know who is out there, especially as we'll soon be adding pictures of kidlet #2. :-)

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In other news, not too much to report. I go back to the Dr. for my next check up on Wednesday afternoon so hoping that things are progressing even more. It's getting harder and harder to sleep at night ... I don't remember being this uncomfortable with Noelle. I've been getting up about every hour and half to switch from bed to couch to chair and back again. I think I'll probably end up getting more sleep when I have the baby at home and am nursing. :-) We are so ready for her to join our family. This past Sunday was my first week off of music team since I don't know when. It was nice to be able to get ready for church a little more leisurely and sit and enjoy the music. (I'm still doing some work for church, but Thursday night music rehearsals and Sunday morning rehearsals and singing are checked off my to-do's for now). This week I'm going to print several weeks of bulletins ahead and update the church's website as much as I can.

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