Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Due Date

Okay, it's here. Now what do I do? :-)

Actually, I was having some steady contractions last night about 9 p.m. ... every 20 minutes or so one would hit, but it never got any closer together than that. And once I went to bed about midnight they quit all together, or else weren't strong enough for me to notice them. I've have 2-3 this morning, but again, nothing consistent. Keep them coming! I have that c-section deadline on Monday staring me in the face. We have my last checkup with the Dr. tomorrow afternoon so hoping to see some dialation and all that good stuff.

There's really nothing else that I need to do to get ready for the baby that I can think of ... bags are packed, Noelle's are at Grandma's already in fact, and the cupboards are pretty well stocked to get us by for a while. I was going to go Sam's today to get a few things but my energy level Bible study this morning was fairly low so I think we'll wait and go tonight with Travis. I also need to run to the library and pick up a book on hold - Captivating for our February W@H group read. If I only get to it when nursing that will be good enough for me. :-)

Change of subject ... a good scrapbooking book that I will recommend: Step Up Your Scrapbooking by Lisa Brown Caveney. I've always loved her layouts, and I think I was originally drawn to them because she handwrites all her journalling. (And has great handwriting!) But the book starts out emphasizing how you can scrapbook with just photos, cardstock and a pen! It helps, of course, that she has fantabulous travel photos. :-) My next scrapbooking project is going to be putting our Washington D.C. photos in an album ... I've decided that I'm going to do them in a little mini-album of their own. Since I have about 80 photos I want to scrapbook (out of the 720 that Travis took!!!) I'm afraid it may take up a hugemongous chunk of our regular family album. I found a spiral bound album up on my shelf that I've never used and it has a red cover (patriotic, right?) and that's what I'll use.

Off to get a few things done while Noelle is down for her nap. :-)

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