Another Giveaway

Kim over at In A Shoe (note their new home!) is having a huge Vision Forum giveaway. There are several items that have peaked my interested in their new catalog:
  • My 1st Horse Stable & 4 additional horses (my girls would LOVE this!)
  • Teach Them to Your Children (ABC Bible Verses)
  • Story of Our National Anthem (the history major in me wants this)
  • Backyard Ballistics (for my husband, of course!)
  • Elsie Dinsmore books (I really want to check these out for my neice who's almost 10)

To join up in this huge giveaway, head over to Kim's for the details!


  1. My 11 yr old just started these this year and can not get enough of them. I think she's on book 6 and there's like 26 in the series.

  2. I just got their catalog in the mail today. It looks fantastic. For me as much as for the kids. Will wants a sword (um..NO!!) and Ellie looked at the page with the dolls and started laughing and pointing. The swords didn't interest her at all for some reason. = )

    I didn't know you were a history major. Me, too.


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