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I've done a few projects lately ... actually found the top of my desk so I could scrap a bit and am now itching to do more. : )

{ Painted Frames }

Christmas Project

Noelle is making these for the Sunday School teachers this year for Christmas. A plain wooden frame from Joann's/Michael's, covered with paint (nothing fancy, just the stuff in the 50 cent bottle), and a ribbon. I'm not too happy with my first attempt here at my ribbon, but it's a start. : ) Note: We won't be giving the frame with a copy of our 2004 Christmas picture in it ... I just put that in there for show. Look how little Noelle looks!

A Noelle Creation

This one was her own creation other than the base idea which came from this site.

{ A Real Scrapbook Layout }

Actual Scrapping

Actual Scrapping

All I can say is if you are a scrapper and you do not have a copy of THIS BOOK, you need to buy it or make sure it is on your Christmas list this year! (Note: I love Creating Keepsakes magazine and you can buy this from their website, you can get it about $10 cheaper from Becky (Higgins) herself has done all the pages in this book and the layouts are arranged by the number of pictures that you want to highlight. Love that. This layout was inspired by one that she did in the book summarizing several activities on a 2-page spread. While I had some great pictures (and memories) from several showers I went to and hosted this summer, there weren't enough to justify their own page. I combined them all on this layout and loved the result.

{ Mini Album }

Girlfriends' MiniBook

Another inspired project ... last month I went away for a girls' weekend in Gatlinburg and took these little mini albums along. I was a little fearful that the other girls would think I was a total nerd for making them do this project, but thankfully they all loved it. These mini books were based from a project in Stacy Julian's The Big Picture book.

Girlfriends' MiniBook - Cover

I made them out of two strips of white cardstock (12 inches x 4 inches), glued together and folded in an accordion style. The "front side" was used to write little encouraging notes to one another:

Girlfriends' MiniBook - the front side

And the back was used for photos of everyone:

Girlfriends' MiniBook - the back

I had one empty square left on the front side (because one of our girls couldn't come on the trip) and I used that for a cropped picture of our group shot. This is a neat little memento, not just of the trip, but of the friendships I have with my Girls' Night Out group. We've been getting together every other month for about 12 years now ... we started right after the first in our group got married and before anyone had kids. My, things have changed. : )

Okay, my apologies for the heavy picture post! Have a wonderful Saturday and hopefully you are enjoying cooler fall weather like we are. We are going to attempt a family picture today for our Christmas cards and an extended family portrait with my side of the family!


  1. Love these ideas! I may have to snag them.
    I too have been enjoying Becky's sketches....thanks to you!

  2. What great ideas!!! You are so creative and crafty! I love seeing such fun things. Just wish I had the motivation to do them. I won't claim lack of time since you have the same number of kids I do. = )

  3. Anonymous2:21 PM

    U have been creative :)

    I like picture posts dont apologize

  4. Love! Love! Love the ideas! Especially the girls night group!

  5. I LOVE that notebook idea. This is such a great keepsake idea for a girls' getaway or something!

  6. what a neat and easy idea! thanks for sharing!

  7. Ouu! Very cool!! Dontcha love Becky Higgins and CK? I do too! I don't have the Best Of book yet, but I have her first two sketches magazines and refer to them a lot. Ali's one of my all time favs too (referencing your more current post :) ).


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