Our church has a Fall Festival every year as an outreach to the neighborhood we are in. (And, Meredith, these hotdogs won't make you sick! Promise!) : ) Part of my job, since I'm on staff with my church, is to design and print up simple flyers with the details. And, since our church is in a predominantly Latino/Hispanic area, I have used BabelFish to help with translating some of the information into Spanish ... my two years of high school Spanish having been lost somewhere along the way.

We have used the same flyer (with the necessary date and time change) the last three years. This year, we have a new Hispanic church partnering with us in our festival. Travis took the flyer draft to one of the Hispanic festival committee members to show them last night and they made a slight correction to my flyer ...

For the past THREE years, the flyer supposedly said "A variety of games and prizes for kids!" in Spanish. What it REALLY said, "A variety of games and prizes for your goats!" Oops. : ) Some of that online translations stuff is very, very literal. : )


  1. That's hilarious!! Even funnier that no one caught it. My husband did a post a couple of weeks ago about playing with one of those online translators. He wrote a sentence, translated it into some random language, then translated it back into english. The result was hysterical!


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