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Check out this cool project over at ScrapHappy! It's a nifty coupon organizer made out of a photo album. I saw this and immediately thought "stocking stuffer" for my Mom. : ) You can head over to Lain's site for the full instructions but this is what mine turned out like:

Crafty Coupons

I really wanted to use rub-ons letters like Lain did on the cover, but I tend to hoard them and just couldn't do it. : ) So my cover is pretty simple.

Crafty Coupons

You can see some of my tags here ... I have "crafty", "restaurants", "grocery", "office supply", "target", etc., but you could do whatever you need and however many that you want. I just have six, but I went ahead and punched extra tags that I can stick on if I need them. Lain also had a cool idea to slip a gift card or two in the appropriate tabs if you are making this for a gift. All of this with a total cost of only $1 for the photo album at Walmart ... everything else I had!

Anyway, she has other Christmas project like this up on her blog, so head over if you are need ideas for goodies to make ... I'm going to try this one out next, I think. : )


  1. That is so cute! I am so bad about not using my coupon clutches. Yes , I have two.

  2. Super cute! Thanks for sharing!!! :)


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