Menu Plan Monday - 10.29

Monday: taco salad
Tuesday: honey chicken in the crockpot (thanks to Kristen of Once Upon a Time)
Wednesday: quesadilla/sandwiches (something easy)
Thursday: breakfast (eggs and toast, fruit)
Friday: pizza, carrot sticks
Saturday: potpie
Sunday: potato soup

I'm noticing a few routines that are popping into my menu planning and it's making thing so much easier. I'm not getting to try as many new recipes, but it's definitely helping with the busy-ness of life and the budget for this season. Trends I'm seeing:
  • Friday has always been pizza night - that's easy on my tired end-o-the-week brain!
  • Thurday has now become breakfast night - lately I've been doing different egg varieties (western omelets on the weeks that I have bell peppers or other veggies that need eating; scrambled or egg sandwiches other weeks) but I need to throw in a pancake night soon for my girls. : )
  • I use my crockpot every Tuesday ... we (barring sick children or other appointments) eat lunch with my Mom and sister on Tuesdays. After lunch out with the three girls, all of whom need a resttime when I get back home, I am not in the mood to start dinner. What a treat to have it almost done in the CP with only a side or two needing to be made!

Anyway, just a few random observations I caught when typing up this week's menu. : ) Head over to the NEW Org Junkie to see more Menu Planning inspiration!


  1. Wonderful routines! I too need to pull my crock pot out... I used it A LOT when I worked outside the home, but since I've been at home, I haven't touched sure would come in handy on those days, like you said, when you are out all day and DO NOT want to think about cooking! We have pizza about once a week too! Have a great week!

  2. I like your blog! Good menu ideas, too! I use my crockpot every monday (except I don't need to, today!) and I usually use it again on either Tuesdays or Thursdays (extracurricular activites occur those days). I just posted a side dish recipe we are trying are welcome to come and visit to see if you want to add it to your meal planning....

  3. I also love the look of your blog. Very nice.
    You have some terrific recipe selections, for this week's menu plan.


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