Tuesday, December 07, 2004

After the Storm...

I have the back door open and it's a fabulous 66 degrees outside. The dogs are wrestling on the patio and not in the house - a good thing. :-)

Today has been a busy one. I woke this morning (or sometime in the middle of the night) to a huge thunderstorm. We've been having problems at our church with flooding so Travis ran down there before work to see what the status was. It was wet. I've been on the phone quite a bit this morning trying to coordinate and juggle some building stuff, work on our Christmas program for Sunday and entertain my 14 month old.

>Breaking News Bulletin: Dogs are no longer wrestling but have scooted under the fence and run down the street. Be back after I retrieve them.

Dogs now trapped in kitchen, no longer at liberty to enjoy the 66 degree weather outside. Anything that I was going to write about is now gone from my brain. :-) Such is life.

However, this new picture of my nephew. Cheri, I thought of you when my Dad sent it to me. Click here to view.

(You can see the picture bigger by clicking here. As Jamie asked me to clarify, it's one baby, three photos, stitched together.)


  1. That's an awesome picture!

  2. that boy is sweet as PIE!
    very CUTE!


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