Thursday, December 23, 2004

Home for Christmas

Or at least it is looking that way.

Travis' mom called this morning with a weather report from up north. Fourteen inches of snow thus far with more to come. Blizzard conditions have been pronounced. We are going to reassess the weather this evening, but it doesn't look like we will be leaving town for Christmas. I'm so thankful that the storm came before we headed out and we didn't get stuck somewhere on the side of the road or in a motel for Christmas. (Although we would have cable TV to entertain us at a motel!) :-) Many prayers for those en route.

But I am a little diappointed that Noelle won't get to see Travis' folks. I'm sure we will make some kind of plan to get up there soon and celebrate Christmas, but she is changing so much and I don't want them to miss it. Two more words have come out this week . . . "shoes" and "toes" (a theme here).

It's very quiet around the house this morning. I've been keeping my nephew and my neice this week and they are both home today because my sister didn't want to get out on our semi-icy streets. So it's just me and Noelle and the puppies. Noelle is playing in her pack-n-play (I put here in there when I shower for safety issues!) and is "reading" some books. Travis made it into work and since I'm home carless, I have no choice but to curl up with a book once Noelle goes down for her morning nap. I haven't had a chance to do that in a while. Now that I think about it, I actually may pull out my Bible study stuff and work on it for a while first. I have been so slack about spending time in my Bible. Especially this week with the extra kiddos about. I know that if I would open my Bible in the morning, first thing, it would help me keep my temper and exhibit patience with all three. But I have been relying on my own strength and there have been some not-pretty Mama moments. Time to make some changes along those lines.

So, what's the new game plan now that we are probably not leaving town? I'll have to get to the grocery store at some point today. I've been trying to clean the fridge out and have done a good job of it. :-) Noelle needs her milk and we need to figure out a plan for Christmas dinner for the three of us. This is the first Christmas that my side of the family is sort-of splitting up for the holidays. My parents are driving to Oklahoma to check on the grandparents and my sister and family will be with her husband's family. My sis, et al, are only about 45 minutes away and we could get together with them, but she does NOT like to drive on ice at all. Truth-be-told, I'm a little excited about it being just us on Christmas day. That's not something that we'll be able to do for probably many more years because of our far-away family so I'm going to enjoy having a quiet day at home with just my husband, my daughter, and, of course, my dogs. *sigh* The dogs are huskies - do you think they could make their way to Ohio to visit the grandparents on their own? :-)

Noelle and I had a little photo shoot this morning just for fun. :-)


  1. So glad the weather came through before you started traveling through it. Midwest blizzards are pretty ruthless.

    You're revised Christmas plans sound so cozy. Although going house to house can be lots of fun this time of year, a quiet family Christmas can be quite a blessing.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Have yourself a Merry little Christmas...hoping yall have a wonderful day. (((hugs)))


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