Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Picture Day

It's been some time since I shamelessly promoted my family in pictures so here goes.

My neice Jordan - her 7 year old birthday picture.

My mom wanted a picture of her three grandkids in their Christmas finery this past Sunday. You will note that Jordan is getting quite a workout as she is having to hang on to the two littler ones.

Just to clarify, my child is the one with the pale, ghost-like appearance next to her deliciously carmel colored cousins. :-)

(If one wanted to see a small photo of Noelle playing with her friend Ty, click here).

In other news, my child gets more precious every day. It's amazing how many little things she is picking up. She has now learned nose - "dooooose" - but only will point to mine or Travis' nose, not her own. She was playing with a big sparkly Christmas bracelet I have and learned how to put it on over her wrist. Last night she and I were sorting through some clothes trying to find some jammies that would fit her. She found a pair of little pink sandals that were about two sizes too big. Noelle plopped down in my lap and stuck her food out for me to put those shoes on her. She wore them all evening, too.

Last night was our Christmas women's get-together for church. Very fun and loads o' good food. I'm glad I went although about a half hour before I was supposed to walk out the door I had a big sleepy spell and was tempted to stay home and relax. But, as I even predicted for myself, I knew that as soon as I got there, I would enjoy myself. Tonight we have our last small group get-together until after the holidays. Then a free Thursday where Noelle and I don't have to get out at all and no evening plans and a free Friday night. I'm hopefully going to back some bread tomorrow and get some work done around the house - packing lists for our trip to Ohio next week, sorting through Noelle's clothes that she is too big for, stuff like that. Oh, and looking for the TV/DVD remote which has been missing all week . . .

One more picture of Noelle, I can't help myself. It's amazing what you can pick up at Lowe's this time of year!


  1. stop it...stop it more pictures of your cute kid or relations or I come and get them ALL. :) Those pictures are adorable.

  2. Wow! Those are excellent pictures, what a beautiful family you have!! Hope you are having a happy holiday!!

  3. What incredibly beautiful kids. Noelle is sure getting big. I haven't checked in or seen a picture of her in while and she's turned into a little girl! What a cutie!


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