Monday, December 27, 2004

Just for second...

Edited to add: The dogs were found this evening by the local sheriff's department and animal control called to let us know! They had gotten VERY far from home and are exhausted. We are so thankful they are back!

Two things and I'll make a real post maybe later this evening on in the morning. Noelle and Christmas pictures are probably a given. :-)

One, pray for our puppies. They ran off today around noon and we haven't seen them since. They have gone on short run-aways before and have always come back quickly, but it's been almost five hours now. We have to spend the night at my folks' house because we are doing some major plumbing overhaul here (another loooong story there) and so we won't be home to get the dogs if they come back later.

I'm very, very bummed. I miss my dogs.

Second, stolen from Cheri, who is known for stealing from other people's blogs . . . :-)

A) Recommend to me:

1. a movie.
2. a book.
3. a musical artist, song, or album.

B) Ask me three questions. Ask me anything you want.

C) Now go to your blog (if you have one), copy and paste this, and allow everyone to ask you the same.

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  1. Movie: I really like Kate and Leopold (Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman) I have seen the tv version (they show it on one of our 'movie channels') it appears to be tamed and not edited much...but I can't vouch for that. But I love it and could watch it over and over. =)

    Book: Stepping Heavenward , by Elizabeth Prentiss

    CD: I'm all about Casting Crowns right now. I have the live from Atlanta CD and while the radio version of "Voice of Truth" is great too, this one is AWESOME

    And questions:

    1. Where do you see yourself/family in 10 years?

    2. How did you like moving around while growing up.

    3. What do you hope 2005 holds for doesn't have to be deep or anything...but is there any goal you want to acheive or craft you want to tackle etc.

    Oh and my answers to yours are up. :) Thanks for stopping by. :)


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