Wednesday, December 08, 2004

My Wednesday...

~ up at 6:30-ish.
~ at the church to check on the wet carpet . . . it smells!
~ cancel Awana by 8:30 a.m. and get email out the church.
~ rehearsal for our trio song on Sunday from 9-11.
~ the song went really well - sigh of relief as I had not even had time to LOOK at the music until this morning.
~ off to the grocery store for juice and whatnot
~ take husband a drink from Sonic by the office
~ mailed Christmas cards!
~ get a call to go to lunch w/ best friend, her treat, and wonderfully, fabulous, restaurant.
~ Yeah!
~ completely forget about mall traffic and that we would have to wait for-ev-er with three kiddos.
~ waited outside in beautiful 60-something degree weather and enjoyed sunshine.
~ came home and put sweet girl down for nap.
~ got sweet girl up from nap soon after because bad dogs got out of the back yard.
~ got sweet girl loaded into car seat just as bad dogs come to side door of house and ask to be let in.
~ bad, bad, bad, bad dogs.
~ but I gave them both a bone for remembering to come home.
~ put sweet girl down for a nap again.
~ am now making a pot of coffee.
~ we're having pizza for dinner.
~ then I have to go to Kinko's and photocopy some music for our rehearsal tomorrow and for Sunday's service.
~ I'm kinda glad that Awana (and our small group study) were cancelled for tonight.
~ I have a lot to do for our Christmas program on Sunday.

So, does this count as a day in my life for my Swonderings post?

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  1. Ah...busy busy girl.
    Bad bad dogs.

    ((hugs)) Hope today is wonderful


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