Sunday, December 12, 2004

Sunday Brunch

From Sunday Brunch...

Our Christmas (music) program was today. I'm tired. It went well and the kids did great. Tomorrow is errand day to get caught up on a few things now that I'm past our church's big event - food for the dogs, buy us a new phone, bank deposit, and a few groceries. Maybe even a real post here. :-)

1) What is your favorite color?
Current favorite is chocolate-y brown. Just barely above my all-time favorite of purple.

2) What colors are your cars?
Red and green.

3) What color are your eyes?

4) What color do you like to wear most often?
Brown - deep rich brown. Actually any deep color looks good on me - I can't wear kacki or pastels without looking like I am very ill. :-)

5) Name your favorite possession of each color of the rainbow:
Red: My '93 Honda
Orange: I don't have anything orange ... maybe a highlighter?
Yellow: My Sam dog
Green: Any green pen - I love writing in green especially at Christmas time. Also my blog because it is green.
Blue: my sweatsuit I just wore yesterday! :-)
Indigo: I'm not really sure the technical difference between blue and indigo and purple, so I'll just move along to...
Purple: my 12 year old American Eagle sweatshirt with Lake Louise on it

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