Monday, December 06, 2004

At Home

Today is our at-home day. Other than a quick run to the church to check for water damage we are in for the day. We've had some serious water leak issues in our building the last month or so and it's been raining since last night. At the moment, all is dry! :-)

Busy weekend around here. Had a surprise birthday party/church crop night that I went to on Friday. Very fun to hang out with friends although I got very little done in the scrapbook department. (Mental note: check scrapbook supplies more carefully to make sure that we don't run out of important things like, ummmm, things to stick pictures to our scrapbook pages! Duh!) Saturday morning into the afternoon was back to church for a Christmas music rehearsal. Our special service is this coming Sunday so we'll be out and around a bunch this week with extra rehearsals and stuff. Yesterday, we celebrated my neice's 7th birthday. My Dad bar-b-qued ribs on the grill after church - fab. u. lous. And sent us home with two bags of leftover. You'll never guess what is for dinner tonight. :-)

Travis and I had a major fight discussion on Saturday night. I hate it when that happens on Saturday night. I am never able to sleep well after we talk and, consequently, feel like I've been run over by a truck on Sunday morning and most definitely don't feel like getting up and leading in worship. That's when God really has to take over so that I can get through the morning . . . as well as the rest of the day. Anyway, things are better now that we have a few things out in the open.

Today feels like a day I need to be thankful for my blessings...
~ My husband, who is my favorite person in the whole wide world.
~ His new beard which I luuuuuuuuuuuuuve.
~ and any other manner of online shopping for the holidays
~ candy that you can only get at this time of the year . . .

~ leftovers from my Dad's grilling
~ an evening to curl up in front of a Christmas movie with my husband. I think tonight's viewing is going to be A Christmas Story.
~ My sweet girl, who is currently napping away like an angel, and who has been in such a giggly mood lately that I can hardly stand it. :-)

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  1. ok i feel like there were 40 things i wanted to respond to-will i remember them all.
    Firstly, yes, you will have to go through the ear piercing with Noelle--that's the way it goes (by the way, my daughter's middle name is noelle)
    I heard about you guys' rain from my mom--i think you sent it here today

    Yes, this is DEFINITELY church busy season! It's WIPING ME OUT! i am so glad we are doing advent this year, its really helping us to keep our focus.


    I love on-line shopping (though amazon has had issues lately), i LOVE LOVE LOVE that kind of candy (i have three tins) and i LOVE a Christmas Story!

    Enjoy your day off! today is a quiet day here as well!


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