Monday, December 13, 2004

Where's My Motivation...

Five p.m. and Noelle just laid down for a late afternoon nap. I need to get to work on something for dinner but have little motivation at this point. One reason being that Noelle and I had lunch after 1 o'clock and I'm not even hungry for dinner yet. And, two, I have no motivation. :-) I think I'm just suffering the let down of a very busy and emotional weekend. On Friday we found out that my neice Jordan has a small heart murmur that the Drs want to keep an eye on. She just turned 7, and they want to recheck her in 3 months, but have given her no restrictions as far as diet and/or exercise. My sister, understandably was pretty shook up. She lost one baby at birth and I'm sure the emotions from that experience come rushing back when you get frightening news about another child. If you think of it, please keep my sister in your prayers as well as my sweet neice.

Most of the weekend was consumed with church. Travis and I had a staff meeting on Saturday morning, and then were at the church all day finishing up the set up for our Sunday morning program and having the music team's final rehearsal and the final rehearsal with the children. We also had Christmas parties both Friday and Saturday night - Friday night was with good friends from church - and Noelle went to Grandma's for the evening - and Saturday night was at the home of a couple that Travis works with. It was an open house/Christmas party in this couples' brand new home so I was kept busy following Noelle and making sure that she didn't get into anything or spill anything. As far as that went, it was a successful evening!

This week is going to be another busy one. Tomorrow night is our women's Christmas party for church. I'm making this fabulous smelling Eggnog Bread to take (recipe from Monika!) Wednesday I have a birthday lunch for a friend and that night we have small group at our house and it's my night for snack for that, too. (Double batch of Eggnog Bread possibly??) Thursday night I need to prepare for music on Sunday morning and on Friday I'm having lunch with another friend that I don't get to catch up with often. Saturday is caroling with church. All good things, but hard to have any margin in my life around the holidays. The last few months, I've been practicing saying "no" a bit more and revelling in being home more with Noelle. Slowing down and choosing to do a few things well instead of many things sloppily has been good. Looking forward to doing more of that...


  1. if its any comfort to you and your sister, heart murmers are actually QUITE common in children. I had one when i was younger. Nattie's daughter evidenced one for a time. I am not trying to down play your sister's worry at all, but i just want you both to know that at this point, what she has is very common and often self-correcting.

    My husband brought home chinese tonight--neener neener neener!

  2. I will be praying for your sister/family. I can imagine the worry that would bring. The eggnog bread sounds delicious. And that pic of your nephew from the other entry. I'm telling you, yall better keep him under lock and key. Because should I head to Tennessee...I'm picking him up and bring him home with me. :)

  3. Isn't this time of the year just crazy?? LOL The boys got put on restriction today, so we can't go anywhere. God is trying to slow me down, and I hope I listen. But I have so much to do around here.....

    Praying for your sister sweetie, that God will calm her heart.


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