Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I Should Be in Bed!

It's late for me . . . almost 11 p.m. But we've been on a tear of staying up late this week with our insane home improvement project. What started out as "let's get a new tub and toilet" has turned into ripping out the entire bathroom and starting from the bottom up . . . meaning replacing all the pipes under the house and beyond. Suffice it to say we are broke, broke, BROKE and may have to sell a kidney or two to make it. But, the toilet is installed now and I don't have to drive down to our church every few hours to go to the bathroom. It's a good thing. :-)

Before I crash, I'll answer Lara's questions that she asked in the recent questionaire challenge. They are:

1. Do you like winter?

Love. It. Five years in Canada while my Dad pastored a church there and I was hooked. Love snow, loved being bundled up, love eating warm comfort-y food like soup in the wintertime, love it.

2. Have I commented on your blog before and just don't remember it?

I don't think so, but I'm glad that you stopped by! :-)

3. Art or writing?

Writing . . . I can't draw my way out of a wet paper bag to use a wonderfully Southern phrase.

Some of the movie recommendations that I've gotten are:

  • Kate & Leopold (by 2 folks no less) ~ which I have seen and enjoyed, but it's been awhile.
  • Holes ~ we watched this at the hospital one night after I had Noelle. It is a great kid movie although at first I had a really hard time following along . . . must of been post-delivery exhaustion. :-)
  • Much Ado About Nothing ~ we rented this fairly recently, too. Very good. We were on a Shakespeare kick for a few weeks when we would rent videos from the library.

    Any other movies ya'll think we should see?

    1. We've been remodeling for 6years now. My master bath has been missing a toilet for an entire year. Luckily we have two other bathrooms but it's still not fun!

    2. I've not seen any of those movies, though I have wanted to see Kate and Leopold.


    Thanks for commenting!