April, in a nutshell

A little something different for Monday... seen via Heather and Cheri's FB page:

Current Book(s): The Heart of Homeschooling by Christopher Klicka; a new Mary Higgins Clark my mom just dropped off at the house; and Isaiah.

Current Playlist: Karyn Henley for the girls ... every time we get in the car.

Current Shame Inducing Guilty Pleasure: trail mix of any kind. Salty + sweet.

Current Color(s): This bright-ish blue that I am seeing everywhere. I don't know what to even call the shade, but I love it.

Current Obsession: Cleaning out the stack of magazines underneath one of the tables!

Current Drink: Diet Coke, of course. :)

Current Food: Nothing is jumping out at me right at the moment. Although, I have been all about grits at breakfast lately.

Current Favorite Favorite: Binders ... for labeling, for organizing, for color-coding. Binders are my friends right now. :)

Current Wishlist: To continue working towards a good home maintenance routine. I've been on the ball the last couple weeks and it's helping ... now to continue!

Current Needs: Apples. We are out. And the girls look in the fridge every day to see if any more have magically appeared.

Current Triumph(s): See note above re: home upkeep. A small triumph, but one none-the-less. :)

Current Bane(s) of my Existence: Sugar. In almost all forms. I've been watching when I eat it lately and have decided that sugar makes me sleepy and crabby. Not a good combo. We are going to try "not speaking" for a week and see what happens.

Current Celebrity Crush: Not so much.

Current Indulgence: Did you see the part above about trail mix? Ties in with this one beautifully.

Current Mood: In need of coffee. And yes, that is a mood. :)

Current #1 Blessing: Girls that are sleeping better at night ... for the most part ... comparatively speaking.

Current Outfit: jammies!

Current Excitement: Have I mentioned that I'm planning and making lists for homeschooling for next year? So much fun. (And Amy, I will try and do a post when I get it all figured it out!)

Current Link(s): I'll share a favorite blog this morning ... one that I recently spent some time at being encouraged with littles and for some ideas with the girls: Preschoolers and Peace.


  1. I love that blue color, too! I've picked up a scarf and a top in that shade, and it makes me feel kicky!

  2. Great list! That blue is probably the shade of my Colorado sky today!!!

    I may copy your idea. Do you care?

  3. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Ooh, I get a mention in the post! : ) Thanks, Stephanie!


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