A Love to Last Forever

I was recently sent a copy of A Love to Last Forever by Tracie Peterson (and Bethany House graciously threw in book 1 - A Promise to Believe In - since I hadn't read it either). What fun books! I know I have been on a streak of reviewing Christian suspense/mystery books, so this was a fun and welcome change of pace, and reminded me of what I used to read more.

These stories center around the three Gallatin sisters and their lives in Gallatin County, Montana. The area is untamed and unsettled and dangers abound, but the three sisters have their eyes set on God and trust him as they try to survive without their father.

Book One tells the story of Gwen, a young widow who mistakenly thinks that she is the reason that bad things keep happening to her family. Book Two turns to the middle sister, Beth, and she struggles to separate what real love looks like from the fictional (even Christian) love stories that we read ... I can relate to that problem from my single days! Book Three will be released in June and I'll be looking for an opportunity to review that one. :)

If you are looking for some fun summer reading, I can definitely steer you to this series by Tracie Peterson. What wonderful books for some light reading while you are on a road trip or parked at the beach!


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