Misplacing God

I recently had a chance to review a copy of Joanne Heim's new book Misplacing God. The book is a very practical look at how to fit time with God in our daily schedule. We mommies have so many demands on our time, but Joanne gives us a gentle nudge to make sure that time with God is a priority ... our first priority ... as well. Every woman is different, so what that quiet time looks like will vary from person to person. Joanne gives suggestions based on what she does, as well as other women who are in different ages and stages of life.

I know, for me, my day always goes so much better if I take time in the morning to spend with God. Typically, I try and work on my Bible study, and the amount of time I get to work depends on my munchkins (or how many times they were up during the night). Little or much, that time is so precious for me ... as I've become more accustomed to this habit, I now find myself disappointed when don't get up in time for one reason or another.

One area that I want to work on is my prayer time. This is an area that I've struggled with all my life and after reading Joanne's book, I think I make it too hard for myself. Especially on this Easter weekend, it's easy to remember that God has been so gracious to me. He sent His Son as our sacrifice and because of that I have a relationship with Him. However, on Monday, after the Easter celebrations and services have ended, I tend to forget that God is still there with that invitation to join Him, to commune with Him. To come to Him with my worship, my confession, my praise and my petitions. What a wonderful reminder Easter is of this great truth ... I want my quiet time to be that daily reminder of the privilege and pleasure it is to spend time with Him.

Anyway, if you are looking for a book to encourage you in your quiet time or maybe to give you some suggestions if you are wanting to try something different, I suggest picking up a copy of
Misplacing God. I have thoroughly enjoyed my copy and I'll look forward to thumbing back through my copy when I need encouragement from another mom who is walking this walk with me. :)


  1. Happy Easter!!!! :o)

  2. Hey Stephanie,

    Thank you so much! Have you tried praying out loud? Sounds a little silly, but I talk to God out loud all the time. It keeps my mind from wandering--even if it means that sometimes people look at me like I'm a little strange.

    (But with all those ear things for your cell phone, I figure most people look like they're talking to themselves!)


  3. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Wonderful!!! :)


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