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I know I've mentioned it, but we are big H.A. Rey fans at our house. When N2 turned 3 in January, I ordered two more H.A. Rey books for her that I had never heard of before. I have enough faith in a Rey book that I ordered them sight unseen!


Pretzel is the story of a daschund. And unusual daschund. A very loooooooooong daschund. Actually, he was the longest daschund in the world! For the most part his great length was an asset to him - when he was one, he won a blue ribbon at a dog show and was admired by all the other dogs.

However. :)

The little dog across the street, Greta, did not like Pretzel. And Pretzel really liked Greta. Her thoughts on the matter: "I don't care for long dogs." The rest of the story details how Pretzel tries to impress Greta ... and of course, he wins her affections in the end, but I'll leave the "how" to your discovery. :)

As with all the H.A. Rey books, my girls have delighted in Pretzel. I don't think they have ever seen a real daschund, so they enjoy the appearance and antics of this unusual looking dog. The artwork is sweet and very colorful, as with all Rey books and I think it's worth a look if you can find it!

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  1. Ooo! I haven't heard of that one! I will have to look it up. We had dauchshunds when I was growing up and so I have a special fondness for them.

    Thanks for the review!

  2. I MIGHT have seen this one before, but not in the recent past. My girls really like Curious George, so we need to look this one up! Thanks for a great review!

  3. I love Pretzel. I have this book. Good choice!

  4. How cute! :-) I need to get this one for my daughter, definitely.


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