Monday, April 06, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook ::: April 6

Outside my Window ... dark, rainy and cold. After several days of beautiful 70 degree weather it seems as though winter is back for a bit.

I am thinking
... that I was up WAY to early this morning. We won't discuss the time, but I woke early and my mind would not stop running. It will be an early bedtime tonight for sure.

I am thankful for ... reconnecting with a dear college friend this weekend (through the magic that is Facebook). This is one of those friends that I grieved losing touch with and thought of most often.

In the learning room ... a spring and Easter book list and lost of talking about the changes that come with spring. This week we are also going to put together a Resurrection lapbook and talk much of the Easter story.

From the kitchen ...

: chicken caesar pasta salad
Tuesday: cp bacon and cheese chicken, salad
Wednesday: quesadillas
Thursday: leftovers
Friday: pizza night
Saturday: cheeseburger joes, salad, potatoes of some kind

I am creating ... nothing but I have the itch to! :) Actually, that's not entirely true. I made several dozen cupcakes last night (and early this morning) in anticipation of our egg coloring party we will having later this morning. However, I do have some scrapbook-y type things running through my head and I may work on those some later today during resttime if time (and energy) permit.

I am going ... to color Easter eggs today! Well, the girls are with much supervision with several little friends, and I am thrilled that some of my mommy buddies are coming over to tackle this spring project with me.

I am wearing
... sleep t-shirt and sweat pants.

I am reading
... I finished The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey this weekend - just as good as the first book. Right now I'm reading a book by Tracie Petersen and am going to pick up Sabbath Keeping to start for a non-fiction read. I also just finished Misplacing God by Joanne Heim and plan on posting a review of that this week.

I am hoping ... for a good week to get some planning on paper (I think I say that in some form every week). I need to be thinking about a little one's upcoming 2nd birthday as well as brainstorm some ideas for my four other family members. It's birthday season on my side of the family and we have 4 between April 23 - May 14 (with Mother's Day thrown in there).

I am hearing
... Silence. I am up well before anyone else is stirring.

Around the house ... this past weekend included lots of clothes sorting, storing and stashing as we switched out N2's and E's winter things for spring. (Just in time for today's cold snap). Up next is pulling all of the items that N1 has outgrown to save back for the next girl, but I think I will wait and start that project in a few days.

One of my favorite things
... coffee. :)

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ...
this week is our Spring Break from most of our activities so no dance, Bible study or Awana this week. Instead, like I mentioned, we're having friends over to eat lunch and color Easter eggs and on Thursday, we're going to go have a lunch/playdate with another family. Travis has a few extra rehearsals for church to prepare for Easter music and honestly ... that means that once the girls go to bed on Thursday night, I can get out my scrapbook stuff and play and not feel like I am neglecting him. :) I'm still working on my 365 project and want to get some of that organized this week and update my 365 album on Flickr. I'll post a link when I've gotten it all caught up. :)

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you ...

Happy little Easter egg hunters at the church egg hunt on Saturday. :) E is third from the left, holding a little pink bag.


  1. Cheesburger joes sound good! And thanks for the link to the Easter lapbook. Definitely gonna do that this week since it is Spring Break and EVERYONE is out of town and we're at home during Masters week!! Gotta make our week full of fun stuff so we don't go crazy!! :)

  2. Thank you for the reminder that I need to go buy dye for the eggs. It had completely slipped my mind until I came here.

    And I just started a new project - a baby blanket, even though there are no babies near me. It's just a new challenge.


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