Friday Felicities ::: April 17


Things that make me happy...

  • a husband that seems to be doing great after unpleasant dental work yesterday!
  • Watching a few episodes of the X-Files with T last night after the girls went to bed. (Yes, I admit it. I loooooooved the X-Files when they were on.) :)
  • Planning and making lists for Kindergarten with N1 this fall. We are SO excited.
  • a 5 year old that is on her first big adventure with Grandpa to the Chattanooga Choo-Choo.
  • a day with just time with my two little munchkins ... and that WILL include lunch at McDs!
  • the fact that Snow White comes out on DVD this fall! (And yes, I have it pre-ordered!) :)
  • watching and listening to N1 read me her first book all by herself this week. Kindergarten is just around the corner.


Happy Friday. :)


  1. Congratulations to N1!

    I want details about K plans! : )

  2. Loved your list :) TGIF!!!

  3. noelle is such a beautiful little girl! ahh it just makes me so happy to see her!

    and my best friend has the snow white soundtrack on a record!!! it sounds so amazing cracking on the turn table.

  4. Let's not ever speak of unpleasant things like the dentist again. I come here to escape my harsh reality.

  5. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Her first book all by herself? I love it! When my oldest read to me it was such a mix of happy/sad! It's so amazing to see them learn to do new things but it breaks my heart when they lose more of their "little."


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