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I was telling my husband yesterday that we have managed to fly through our groceries this month! I'm not sure if the girls were on a growth spurt or what, but I definitely noticed that we didn't leave much in the way of leftovers after most meals and my pantry shelves and freezer selection is looking quite bare. As I've mentioned before, I try to do a big monthly grocery run (which won't be until this coming weekend or the first of next week) so I'm am trying to see what I can come up with with what I have. I'm mostly missing things for main dishes/dinner ... don't think I'll have any problem getting by with breakfast and lunch since that is mostly just me and the girls. As long as we have Cheerios and peanut butter, we're good. :)

Anyway, what I've come up with is:

Monday: honey lime chicken, green beans and crescent rolls
Tuesday: breakfast dinner instead of our normal Tuesday crockpot fare. I'll make biscuits in the morning, and then when we run in the house from dance class, I'll scramble some eggs and cook sausage links that I found in the freezer.
Wednesday: Awana night = quesadillas. Also, I'm having some friends over for a low-key homeschool meeting and I just happen to have all the ingredients in the house to make try out a scone recipe from a new cookbook I was sent to review. Will definitely share if it's any good!
Thursday: pizza meatloaf, broccoli, some other veggie (corn? peas? have some of both in the freezer)
Friday: pizza night
Saturday: oven baked fried fish and hushpuppies (thanks Meredith for the suggestion!) I found two bags of fish in the freezer so we'll use one and save the other.

That leaves me with just a few things that I will need to pick up at the store to get us through the week - all which I believe I can get at Aldi's. Yea! God was gracious to give me some menu inspiration when I was doing some planning this morning! :)

This post is cross linked with Menu Plan Monday and Make-Do Monday. :)


  1. Oh yum, what time is dinner, esp for tonight

  2. You rock!

    Hey...when I made that fish last time, I just used cornflakes, salt and pepper (left out the other spices) and my kids liked it MUCH better. Me too!

    Yay for you for doing once a month shopping. Do you make a trip or two in the in-between-time?

  3. Great use of what you have. I need to clean out my freezer and see what lies ahead for dinners this week.

    Have a great week.


  4. We live on Cheerios and peanut butter too! Next month I'm getting my life & house back in order! That means back to menu plans and once a month shopping.

  5. pizza meatloaf??!?!?

  6. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I only shopped once a month for groceries. WOW. I'm truly amazed at you do it.

    We've managed to eat from the freezer and leftovers for over a week. It's amazing how much it saves to really use the food in creative ways.


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