Easter Then & Now

2008 Easter

Ages: N1(4), N2 (2), E (10 mo)

2009 Easter

Ages: N1 (5 1/2); N2 (3); E (2 in two weeks!)

And just for fun ... one from way back. :)

(I was probably 4th or 5th grade and rockin' the Dorothy Hamill haircut.) :)


  1. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Please tell me you had Short & Sassy shampoo to go with that Dorothy Hamill haircut.

  2. I had the same haircut. I was the envy of my class....

  3. Your girlies are darling!

    Love the knee socks and shawl! That could be me at any given easter :)

  4. That was probably one of my all-time favorite dresses. It had a little blue ribbon that ran across the top...I loved it. :) Thanks for the memory.


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