After the super-duper fun Monday, we woke on Tuesday to this:

A sick little N1. :( She felt horrible all day long - took 3 naps and was in bed by 6:30 p.m. after being unable to keep anything down all day and running a fever. We're up in the air as to whether or not we'll go into the dr. today. She was up this morning at 6:30 and seems much perkier, but she is still running a decent fever. Poor girl - it takes a lot to stop her energy and this knocked her out yesterday.

Then, this is what I discovered when I went to clean my crockpot after dinner! The whole bottom had cracked clean through and separated in the base! The tragedy! I hadn't even noticed because I used one of these bags to cook our dinner in and when I went to take it out, I noticed the break. Thankfully, I do have another liner for my crockpot - it's a divided one which works just fine for my family size. It's a little small for when I feed my extended family, but we'll make do.

All that to say, it looks like we don't have to have a big party to have an excited day around here!


  1. You might want to take her, even if it's just for a walk-in throat swab. All 3 of mine have strep with fevers that started Monday. Our ped says she's never seen so much strep in April before.

  2. Sorry about the sickies. I hope it isn't strep. Strep is going around GA like crazy. Peanut has had a nasty nose and cough for about a week after being around a little kid with doc appt.... Hope y'all get over this before Easter!

    BTW, never knew that the crock pot could just crack like that. I love those divided crock pots! I have just a normal one, but always drool over others that have the "fancier" crock pots!!! :)

  3. The crock pot pic is scary. I wish I had made a crock pot recipe today. Instead, we're eating cereal and doughy crescent rolls because I didn't have time to let them cook long enough.



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