Egg Coloring Success

Yesterday we enjoyed another fun egg coloring party with our friends and claimed it a success! I think our grand total of guests was 21 kids and six moms (not counting the 4 in our family) so it was very busy as you can imagine. Since Easter was later this year, I had hoped this would be an outside activity ... yesterday's freezing temps changed that plan and we all crowded into our family room for a big time.


Green and yellow theme. The little Easter tag/name place cards are from here.


E was sooooo excited to have a few of her little friends over to play ... these munchkins didn't color eggs yet E still needed three different shirts while her friends were over. Hmmm.


The boy table. :)


The girl table. :)


Trouble. :) E with another of her little friends.



Studious concentration.


N2 is showing me her robin's egg blue eggs that she just colored ... as well as her robin's egg blue hands. :)


Friends. :)

Thanks for stopping by to look at our egg coloring pictures - you got the less messy tour of the day! :) Have a wonderful Tuesday.


  1. That looks like TONS of fun and a smashing (ah hem) success! Those kids look like they are having tons of fun! Congrats!

  2. that second photo just makes me so happy. what precious girls you have!


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