9 Month Report!

We had Noelle's 9 month Dr. visit yesterday afternoon. Her weight is now 18 lbs., 2 oz. (a gain of 3 lbs. 5 oz. from her 6 mo.); her height is now 27 inches (grew 1 3/4 inches). She's now in the 75% for her weight and the 25-50% on her height. You can tell by looking at her that all the weight gain is because she's getting taller. Her little legs are starting to hang over the end of her car seat. Boy, won't she be excited when she doesn't have to sit in a rear-facing one anymore!

Everything looked good. She had two shots and her finger pricked to check her iron level, but she was a trooper. She is allowed table food now - only exceptions are milk (although she can now have other dairy products like yogurt, cottage cheese & regular cheese), honey, and, obviously, things she still might choke on like raisins, peanuts, etc. I tried giving her some vegetable beef baby food last night and that did NOT go over at all. However, when we went to Chili's last night for a friend's birthday she took to tortilla chips very well - greasy and salty, what's not to like. Disclaimer: as the mother, I was not the one who gave her the tortilla chips. It was someone else *cough* LauraSarahBecky *cough* :-)

Because I so traumatized her with the vegetable beef baby food, I let her have some mandarin oranges to eat. She loves them! It incredibly messy, but I thought she deserved a small treat for being such a big girl for the Dr.

Apparently it wasn't enough that we eat the oranges, we needed the yummy juice at the bottom of the bowl! :-)

I had something else I wanted to write, but as it has apparently left me for the moment . . .


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