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I haven't gotten near what I wanted accomplished today.
~Noelle hasn't napped all day.
~Both printers are disagreeing with me and with the computer.
~Had to completely redesign part of the wedding invitations I'm making.
~Had to meet the carpet cleaning folks at the church to get an estimate.
~The folks whose cookout we are going to tonight at 5:30 just called (around 3 p.m.) asking if I can make a dessert.

On the plus side, the house now smells like baking blueberry cobbler, compliments of a quick trip to Kroger's for a few more frozen blueberries than what I had in the freezer. I'll just mention now how great my Betty Crocker cookbook is - I had all the ingredients for a blueberry cobbler in my cabinets - with the exception of the aforementioned blueberry shortage. :-) AND, Noelle fell asleep in the car on the way home from Kroger and is now asleep in her crib (hopefully) improving her attitude for this evening's social engagement!

So now, because my brains has been mommy-fried from the day:

Make a sentence using the letters of your favorite color. (Example: BLUE - Bob loves using eggs.)
People using red pansies like eating. :-)

If you were to be stranded on a deserted island and could only have one CD to listen to, which one would you want it to be?
Point of Grace "Steady On." I love the harmonies on that CD.

How many people have you kissed in your lifetime?
Just one - my husband. *blush*

Main Course
Someone offers to give you $2 million, but says you can only have it if you will give half of it to charity. Which good cause would you donate the $1 million to?
An organization like Mercy Ministries, Crisis Pregnancy Center - some type of ministry that reaches out to troubled teen girls and tells them of the love of God.

What would you like to name your next pet?
The incredible invisible dog because after these two that we have now, I may never want another pet . . . ever . . . again.


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