Much To Do About Rafting . . . and Other Stuff

The lists are endless. Packing list for Noelle to go to Grandma's tomorrow for the night. Packing list for us for the raft trip. Shopping list for the food to go get tonight. List of things yet to do today. I love making lists, but today I'm feeling a little overtaken by them. There is a lot to do. At the moment I am waiting for our church bulletin to finish printing so I can begin laying out the next project.

That's another thing I like - print day. I like it that every Thursday morning, with an occasion exception, I stay home and print stuff for church on Sunday. The prayer list and sermon outline, the bulletin, uploading the bulletin to the church website, checking the church calendar for things to get the word out about, printing anything extra that is needed - this week it's an insert for the bulletin on community outreach stuff that's coming up. It's a good feeling when I get done and there are stacks of papers next to the printer - a sign that I've gotten something tangible done.

I don't know why that's so important. Maybe because there is so much unfinished in my life right now. The laundry pile is never really gone, there's always one more dish to wash, one more thing I can straighten. There are very few things that I do that I can say loudly - "It is finished!" and check it off my list.

See now I'm back to my lists again. Love them! Really.

Other things . . .
  • We had dinner last night with our Summer Supper Group from church. Very fun. Four families, 3 with small kids. Noelle reached her new max number of steps last night - 5! I feel sure it was from the influence of an almost 4 year old, almost 2 year old, and almost 1 year old she was trying to keep up with! :-)
  • Noelle goes to Grandma's tomorrow night for her first overnight stay. I'm not sure I'm ready for it, but Grandma sure is. I've been getting hints since she was born about letting my Mom have her overnight and I've finally relented. (Also, the raft trip had a little something to do with it). This has caused some family tension because my sister and neice want Noelle to come out and spend then night with them. *sigh* So Noelle has already got a weekend in September booked with her cousin for a night. Travis and I have to go to a wedding out in the sticks of Tennessee and T. is playing and arranging the music for the wedding and he's the sound guy or I would just tote Noelle with us. But, in keeping up family relations, I realized this might be a good opportunity for an overnight stay.
  • The dogs . . . a short word. Sam was bad, bad, bad yesterday. I had made my dessert for our Summer Supper Group and whilst turning around for 2 seconds, heard the sound of small smacking and caught him with his head in the pan and a bite out of my spice cake. It was an ugly scene for a moment. I thought about just cutting out the part that he had nibbled on, but then realized that I couldn't, in good conscience, take that to a dinner so I made dessert #2 which I then promptly place high up and out of reach.
  • I have a new scrapbook magazine laying on the coffee table. I skimmed through it last night, but I am itching to get it and spend some quality time with it and my sketchpad. Not going to happen today. Maybe I'll have a moment while I'm lazing down the Ocoee River on a raft on Saturday?

This is very random today. Hmmm. Off to do some more work and get N.'s lunch ready for her when she awakens . . . Back on Monday with reports on our rafting experience and injuries if any! :-)


  1. Stephanie...I think some of my family might go to your church. I'm not going to give personal names out here but their last names are Thomas and Phillips. The thing is, at your church website, it looks like my cousin on your homepage!

    My email is if you want to chat about it.

  2. Have fun on your trip! Be safe :-)


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