The Pause that Refreshes

I've been on the phone most of the morning trying to line up details for our youth group raft trip in two weeks.

~Call the raft company to add another chaperone - woohoo! Thank you Lord that there are adults out there (unlike me) who want to go rafting with the youth group. I mean, don't get me wrong, I want to go. I just don't want to be in the boat with crazy teenagers who want to flip over. So weird. :-)
~Call vet and make appointment for Sam-dog to get fixed. So sad. He has no idea what's coming... Get kennel recommendations.
~Call the kennel to book accomodations for the furry babies. Choice #1 is booked up for the weekend; call choice #2 and make reservations. Must get shot records for dogs before their "sleepover."
~Call police re: abandoned car in church parking lot. Learning interesting information - the police will not come tow a car on private property. They can run the plates and see if it is stolen, but then we have to get it towed ourself. Must get plate number. Hmmmm.

Noelle and I walked down to the church last night to watch Travis' band rehearse. He's been given the task of putting together a band for our church's community carnival we are having at the end of August. This is our 4th year for the carnival and his 2nd year and putting a band together. Last year I was in the band (6 months pregnant) and got to sing backup vocals. I thought for sure that I wouldn't miss it this summer since I am busy with Noelle, have 300 wedding invitations that will be done by this Saturday and a raft trip to organize. However, when I went to the rehearsal, I was really bummed that I wasn't in the band. Some if it was feeling left out. I'm in a different stage of life and it would be hard to find someone to watch Noelle during all the rehearsals. Some of it was being bummed because Travis didn't really ask me to be in his band. Am I not cool enough? Band-like material? Can't I rock just as good? It's got me feeling down a little today. I'm supposed to sing special music at church this coming Sunday so maybe it will help if I work on my song a bit. But it won't be the same - I won't have a cool band. :-(

Enough moping. Here's a pic of Noelle from Sunday morning . . . in her Easter dress . . . with her foot propped up on her stroller. So unladylike. She's starting to take after me. :-)


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